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  • AA619794

    4 YEARS+
    Shuffle Classic Games: Solid Wood Chinese Checkers. Play with all six players or just two on this traditional chinese checker board. Great as a coffee table game.

    Pack Size: 12
  • AA619891

    3 YEARS+
    Similar to Jenga, this Wooden Tumbling Tower is the strategic block stacking and brick crashing Board Game for kids, grown ups and families of all ages. Build the tower, then take it in turns to remove bricks one by one. Just don't be the one who makes the tower tumble! The perfect addition to your holiday house, weekend away or family board game stash! This Wooden Tumbling Tower set is the ultimate strategy game that requires intense concentration, stability and a whole lotta luck. The perfect family board game guaranteed to provide hours of fun. AGE 3+

    Pack Size: 12
  • CR743925

    6 YEARS+
    Bring pre-painted Monster High scenes to life with Colour Explosion Neon with super bright colours! Includes: 18 double-sided sheets of pre-printed Monster High scenes on Colour Explosion Neon paper and 8 Colour Explosion Neon Makers.

    Pack Size: 6/18
  • AA646628

    6 YEARS+
    The ultimate night in starts with the Deluxe Metal Bingo Cage Set. Includes a rotary metal cage with automatic random ball selector, Numbered balls up to 90, 40 Re-Usable bingo cards, and approximately 150 Token markers. BINGO!

    Pack Size: 6
  • AA660494

    8 YEARS+
    Shuffle Classic Games: Double 9 Colour Dot Dominoes * Comes with Instruction for 12 Dominoes Games. Includes drawstring carry bag to store all your pieces.

    Pack Size: 12
  • AA662111

    AGE 6+
    Shuffle Classic Games: Double Six Colour Dot Dominoes. Comes with Instruction for 12 Dominoes Games. Includes Drawstring bag to keep all your dominoes in.

    Pack Size: 12
  • CR747080

    8 YEARS+
    Creating your own custom paint colors is fun, fast, and easy with the Crayola Paint Maker. This interactive kit comes with a mixing guide to help you create 15 unique paint colors--or even make your own. Name your color creations using the included labels and clean up easily with Crayola's paint strip technology, designed to prevent mess. The Crayola Paint Maker folds up easily for convenient storage and is designed for kids ages eight and up. 15 Distinct Paint Colors With the Crayola Paint Maker, kids can explore the fascinating world of color by developing and naming their own custom paints. An included booklet provides guidance on mixing and helps kids learn about color. Whether you like to experiment or keep things simple, this kit guides you through every step of the process. The set includes 15 paint pots and labels. Easy Mixing and Cleanup Create nearly endless color combinations with 75 color strips in three colors (red, blue, and yellow). Each color is imprinted onto a paper strip to help reduce mess. A brush and 10 sheets of paper are included so kids can experiment with their new color creations. Additional paint pots, labels, and paper are available in the Crayola Paint Maker Refill Pack (sold separately). Create Color Anywhere The Crayola Paint Maker features a fold-up design for easy storage and cleanup. The portable design is easy to carry for color creation on the go.

    Pack Size: 2
  • CR747081

    8 YEARS+
    Extends play options for Paint Maker. Create even more customised paint colours

    Pack Size: 6
  • AA667420

    6 YEARS+
    Wooden Labyrinth.

    Pack Size: 6
  • AL79065

    3 YEARS+
    Each pack consists of 6 sachets of assorted colour chalk powder. 30gms per pack.

    Pack Size: 24
  • AZT5633

    6 YEARS+
    Take your water fights to the next level with the new Bunch O Balloons Splat Bat-Baseball! Connect, fill and make hundreds of water balloons and get ready for attack! Now you can saturate your target with one hit to create the ultimate water combat! PACK INCLUSIONS: x1 Bunch O Balloons Splat Bat x3 Bunch O Balloons (35 Balloons each). PRODUCT FEATURES: Fill & Tie 100 Water Balloons in 60s Self-Sealing Water Balloons Light-weight Bat for Balloon Smashing and Splashing

    Pack Size: 6
  • AZT6401

    5 YEARS+
    Will you get a splat on the face with a piece of cake? Gather your friends and family for this comical game full of risks and luck! Place the cake on the hand and start to turn the wheel; it can go off at any time! Cake Splat is simple, hilarious and endless fun for all! Pack includes: 1 x cake thrower, 1 x throwing arm, 1 x handle, 1 x chin rest, 1 x clown character guard mask, 1 x clown nose. Cake Splat game full of luck and risk taking! 2 + players.

    Pack Size: 12
  • AH56264

    9 YEARS+
    1.14m diameter. Sophisticated look. Made of high grade PVC material. 2 Heavy Duty Handles. Repair Patch.

    Pack Size: 6
  • AL76081

    3 YEARS+
    6-in-1 Field tools is a handy set comprising of 6 gadgets with which to catch,measure & inspect your prize catches, all neatly held together in a snazzy key ring. A field notes included.

    Pack Size: 12
  • AA673366

    3D Zoo Playmat with Interactive 3D Zoo Animals is an interactive App powered playmat for kids This playmat is a terrific way for kids to remain entertained individually or in a group as they play with this 3D interactive playmat. A classic playmat which also has the latest augmented reality technology in one fun toy. Features : •,Playmat measures 120cm x 90cm and is made from wipeable, waterproof material so you can spread it out indoors or outdoors. The playmat rolls up easily so you can pop it in the car for picnics and family outings. •,The playmat is printed in bright colours depicting a animal zoo so kids can take toy animals and play traditionally on the playmat. •,The free App is available to download with each playmat for all Apple and Android devices. •,To play with the App in conjuction with the playmat kids simply point their device at the playmat and the animal comes to life in 3D on their device. •,The App teaches kids all about the animal as well as giving loads of opportunities to play. •,As with all augumented reality devices the real world in which the playmat is located can be seen on the device in the App making the 3D experience so much more real for kids. The 3D Zoo Playmat with Interactive 3D Zoo Animals is an awesome classic playmat with the additional fun of being interactive on any smart device.

    Pack Size: 20
  • AA671518

    3 YEARS+
    Sand/Water Wheel with accessories

    Pack Size: 6/12
  • AH56822

    6 YEARS+
    * 89cm Diameter * 5 built in cup holders and 2 trays * Easy to use connectors * Durable Handles * 3 air chambers

    Pack Size: 6
  • AZT8101Q

    3 YEARS+
    The original Fidget Cube by Anstey Labs. Built for those restless souls, the Zuru Fidget Cube comes with a multitude of functions to keep you focused when you are having those fidgety moments. Includes click, glide, flip, roll, breathe and spin functions.

    Pack Size: 12
  • MOO19900

    5 YEARS+
    Oonies are the coolest way to create! Take an Oonies pallet, place it in the inflator and watch it magically grow into an Oonie! They stick to each other so you can make amazing creatures and designs! No glue . No water, no mess. Just air filled balls of amazing fun! They're not a bubble, they're not a balloon... They're Oonies! Inflate, create and make 'em great! Cool theme packs to choose from!

    Pack Size: 6
  • MOO19912

    5 YEARS+
    Oonies are the coolest way to create! Take an Oonies pallet, place it in the inflator and watch it magically grow into an Oonie! They stick to each other so you can make amazing creatures and designs! No glue . No water, no mess. Just air filled balls of amazing fun! Create heaps of Oonie designs with the Mega Refill pack! Contains 90 pellets and 12 connectors so you can create up to 40 Oonie designs. They're not a bubble, they're not a balloon... They're Oonies! Inflate, create and make 'em great!

    Pack Size: 6
  • WRFD60

    6 YEARS+
    Great beach or pool toy. Fantastic for adults, teenager and kids. Bright fun colours.

    Pack Size: 12/48
  • HASC2473

    5 YEARS+
    The Egged On is a twist on the popular egg roulette challenge in which players try to avoid getting wet by the cracked egg. It's a hilarious and suspenseful game in which players spin the spinner, follow the commands, and press their luck. Players take turns picking plastic eggs and pressing them on their heads. Some of the eggs are filled with water and players never know which one they've got in their hand. If a player presses an egg against their head and it splashes water, they're out. The last player left in the game wins.

    Pack Size: 4
  • AZT7703SK-ASST

    Pack Size: 88