My Fairy Garden 

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  • MOO93503

    4 YEARS+
    "Now you can have a living Fairy Garden inside your bedroom! Grow a field of grass around your fairy's sweet little cottage and create a magical mini garden she will love. With a mushroom and mouse and flowers galore, your fairy will have a home that you both will adore! There is even an oyster shell pond and rainbow coloured gravel path! Get ready for some truly magical adventures! 1 x Fairy Garden Bowl 1 x Fairy Figurine 1 x Oyster Shell (Water Feature) 1 x Sparkly Fairy Cottage 1 x Clothes Line with Posts & Pegs 1 x Blanket (For Clothes Line) 1 x Carpet (For Clothes Line) 1 x Packet of Grass Seeds 1 x Coloured Gravel 1 x Fairy Mushroom 1 x Fairy Stars Fairy Flowers Coloured Booklet"""

    Pack Size: 6