Smashers Dino Smash Rex Playset

Smashers Dino Smash Rex Playset

AZT7439 - (PreOrder 2019 Sep)


AGE 5+ - (PreOrder 2019 Sep)

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Meet the hungriest dino in ages - the SMASH REX! Lift his tail to bite down on your Smash Eggs, then press down on the egg shell to SMASH & POOP out your Dino Smashers! Explore the entire wacky Jurassic world of Dinos with over 100 characters to collect. Smash open the new Smash Egg to find what’s crawling inside! Includes 1x Smash Rex, 1x Smash Egg Rebuilder, 1x Exclusive Smasher, 1x Smash Egg and 1x Collector's Guide. - Crunch, SMASH and Poop out your Smashers!- Makes funny and gross sound effects.- Smash open the new Smash Egg to find over 100 wacky characters to collect.- Will you find all of the Ultra Rare Dino Bone Smashers?- Rebuild your Smash Egg with the new Nest Rebuilder. Batteries Included. AGE 5+
Pack Size4
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