Dragons Hatching Toothless

Dragons Hatching Toothless

SM6046182 - (PreOrder 2019 Sep)


AGE 4+ - (PreOrder 2019 Sep)

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Hatch and Train your very own Dragon Toothless! Utilising Hatchimals technology, Toothless comes to life inside the Egg. He moves, makes sounds and his eyes light up to let you know he's inside. Tap on the egg to hear toothless tap back and shake it around to get him aggravated enough to hatch out of the egg! Outside of his egg, Toothless is ready for fun and adventure. Play games with him like Toothless, Hot Potato, and Toothless says. Teach him how to fly, dive bomb and plasma blast - and watch his head, wings and ears really move! Toothless wll respond with roars as you make him soar through the sky and lets out a loving purr when you place your hand over his head. After a long day of training, he gets a little hungry. Place his fish accessory up to his mouth to give him a play with Toothless in a whole new way with the interactive Hatching Toothless. AGE 4+
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