XSHOT Ninja Quick Scope Dart Blaster

XSHOT Ninja Quick Scope Dart Blaster

AZT36318 - (PreOrder 2019 Sep)


8 YEARS+ - (PreOrder 2019 Sep)

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"The Quick Scope blaster with its “Break ‘n Load” action & an attachable scope, allows you to take on targets outside of close combat range with extreme accuracy and power! Additional action comes with the 4-dart storage on the stock that has an integrated recoil-action when the blaster is triggered. The Pack comes with a blaster, 12 foam darts, 3 practice cans and a high-quality metal Ninja dog-tag. Features(1)VALUE BLASTER: The Quick Scope is the ultimate precision blaster featuring an action """"Break 'n Load"""" mechanism. Features (2)HIGH-QUALITY BLASTER: Featuring Break 'n Load Action, Recoiling Blaster Stock & Additional Dart Storage Features (3)PREMIUM ACCESSORY: Each X-Shot Ninja pack comes with an official high-quality X-Shot Ninja Dog-Tag. Features (4)LIMITED EDITION licenced X-Shot blaster. AGE 8+"
Pack Size6
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