New Wahu Airbladez Ryzr assorted ( ONLY SOLD in Display of 12 )

Wahu Airbladez Ryzr assorted ( ONLY SOLD in Display of 12 )



You’ve never seen a disc like this! Lift your game with the Wahu Ryzr™. The unique convex design contributes to its awesome flight. Toss it and watch it rise high in the sky! Its “fins” can be flexed to alter the trajectory and achieve maximum lift. • Flies straight, then rises with the wind! • Durable flexterior • Soft outer material is comfortable to grip & catch! Ryzr™ features a turbulator design allowing for long-distance throws, and is best played with in large, open areas. Throw Ryzr™ flat and level (like a traditional flying disc) and release with a rapid spinning wrist-action. For optimal rising action, throw Ryzr™ so it travels 1 – 2 feet above a flat, hard surface (i.e., pavement). Ryzr™’s flight path is affected by how it is thrown: • When thrown flat, Ryzr™ will fly straight. • When thrown tilted right, Ryzr™ will bank right. • When thrown tilted left, Ryzr™ will bank left. If Ryzr™ banks right when thrown flat, you can correct by flexing upwards slightly. If Ryzr™ banks left, you can correct by flexing downward slightly. Wind will influence the flight path. Available in 3 colours: Pink, Yellow and Green.
Pack Size12
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