Terms and conditions of sales


1)      Minimum Order - $400 excluding GST. If not $400.00 ex GST then a service/handling fee of $25.00 and full freight will be charged. We sell in broken or full carton quantities.

2)      New Customers: Your first 3 orders are Proforma even when an account application is filled out and signed. After 3 Proforma orders, an application will be reviewed for a 30day EOM account upon request.

a)       For all Proforma customer orders, a 50% deposit is required within 48 hours. Once deposit has been received, the order will be picked/packed and a final balance Proforma invoice will be sent through for payment within 48 hours, prior to the goods being dispatched. The Freight cost will be added to the Proforma invoice after the volume/weight is worked out for the order. If for any reason the order is cancelled after it’s been picked/packed, Proforma customers will forfeit 20% of their 50% deposit, with 30 day EOM account customers, you will forfeit 20% of the total order, which will be paid as a handling/admin charge. Note 50% deposit process does not apply to 30day Account customers.

3)       Upon placing an order, the Customer is acknowledging that it will accept delivery of the goods.

4)       Title of goods remains the property of All Brands Toys until payment in full of such indebtedness has been made.

5)       The customer must notify All Brands Toys of any change in the ownership or status of their business within 7 days of the relevant change.

6)       Prices: All Prices quoted are ex GST. Goods will be invoiced at the price ruling at the date of dispatch.

7)       Payment

a)       Normal Settlement terms being within 30 days from End of Month.

b)       Account Customers settled within 7 days from date of invoice will receive a settlement discount of 2%. Direct transfer only. Does not Include Pro Forma Customers.

c)       Payment can be made via online (bank account details are on the invoice and on the statement). You can also pay via Credit Card but  this is subject to 1% merchant fee

d)       Note, if bank account details are ever changed, you will receive notification in the form of an email / letter, signed by both the  Director and the Finance Manager and you will also be given 2 weeks’ notice. Incorrect BSB or account number will result in your mone being paid to the wrong account and may result in the loss of your funds. All Brands Toys Pty Ltd do not take responsibility  and are not liable for any damage caused, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like). Please note that payment to any other party or into any other bank account other than the nominated account on the invoice / statements, will not represent a valid discharge of your indebtedness.

e)       Where payment is not forthcoming after 30 days, a service fee of 1% per month will be charged on the outstanding balance of the account which will accrue on a daily basis.

f)        In the event of an account repeatedly defaulting on payment the customer will automatically be reverted back to a Proforma account.

g)       In the event that outstanding accounts are referred to a Debt Collection Agency, you will be charged with any collection charges, legal fees, summonses and other additional charge for recovery of outstanding amount. We may permanently cancel your account and may revert back to a Proforma account.

h)       If the customer has not paid All Brands Toys by the due date, All Brands Toys shall be entitled to immediately recover possession of all or any of its goods sold to the Customer (and the Customer grants its irrevocable permission for All Brands Toys or its authorised representatives to enter upon its premises to conduct a stocktake and recover all or any goods delivered by All Brands Toys forming part of the Customer’s inventory and proof of supply of individual All Brands Toys goods shall not be required).

8)      PPS ACT

The customers agrees that the effect of 5 is to grant All Brands Toys a Security Interest, being a Purchase Money Security Interest, in any goods supplied and in any proceeds of goods sold, under these Trading Terms. These Trading Terms constitute a Security Agreement as defined in the PPS Act. The Customer agrees to do everything, within 3 business days of receiving written request from All Brands Toys Pty Ltd, to enable it to register the Security Interest.

All Brands Toys Pty Ltd may allocate any amounts received from the Customer in any matter it determines, including in any manner to preserve any Security Interest it has in any goods, but in default will apply same first to payment of any unsecured amount owing to All Brands Toys next as to any reasonable enforcement expenses and then as to any secured balance owing to All Brands Toys. 

9)      Credit & Return Policy

a.i)        We will not accept returns for credit without prior authorisation. A Return Authorisation (RA) form needs to be completed in full before any credits can be actioned. Please contact us for RA Form.

a.ii)       If product is damaged when it arrives from the freight Company, please provide photos of the damaged boxes & items on arrival.

a. iii)     For all claims relating to order discrepancies i.e. wrong stock delivered, short supply etc. – we must be notified within 7 days of you receiving the goods. For any stock that needs to be returned to All Brands Toys – All Brands Toys will advise you how to freight back and absorb any costs associated in getting the stock back.

a. iv)     If product is returned from a consumer and its deemed faulty we will credit the full cost of that item you purchased it for. We will only credit items within 12 months of invoice date. No credits will be given for any items outside this period.

a.v)       Customers are not entitled to a refund if

  •      Simply change of mind or no longer want the products (No Sale or Return)
  •      Realise they cannot afford the goods
  •      Chose the wrong products
  •      Were responsible for causing the fault, or product damages