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  • SM6038303
    (PreOrder 2020 May)

    8 YEARS+ - (PreOrder 2020 May)
    SPIN to create premium Fashion Bracelets in minutes! Pick a design, load the spools, and then spin and watch your bracelet braid before your eyes! Refill allows to create up to 12 Bracelets!

    Pack Size: 9
  • SM6045483

    8 YEARS+
    Cool Maker GO Glam Nail stamper is the ultimate at-home nail kit to easily stamp and style custom manicures in minutes. With 5 patterns and unique nail polish colours to choose from, kids can mix and match decorate 125 nails of any size. The revolutionary nail polish formula is completely non-toxic and kid-safe. Put the OMG in DIY with your trendy new manicure from Go Glam. AGE 8+

    Pack Size: 4
  • SM6052633

    AGE 8+
    Decorate 25 more nails with the beautiful assortment of new colours and patterns for you to mix and match your manicure. With 4 themes to choose from - Blossom Blush, Midnight Glow, Tropic Twist and Sweet Spell. Pack includes design cartridge and 1 base coat. AGE 8+

    Pack Size: 8
  • SM6053897

    AGE 8+
    The Cool Maker KumiKreator 2 in 1 is a breakthrough way to braid beautiful friendship bracelets and necklaces, right before your eyes! Load the colourful spools into the machine, spin and create in minutes. The KumiKreator creates up to 5 bracelets and 2 unique necklace designs without a single knot needed. Customise and finish off your bracelet with stylish clasps or use your extra string to make fun tassels. AGE 8+

    Pack Size: 3
  • SM6054789
    (PreOrder 2020 Sep)

    - (PreOrder 2020 Sep)

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  • SM6056638
    (PreOrder 2020 Sep)

    - (PreOrder 2020 Sep)

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  • SM6058276
    (PreOrder 2020 Sep)

    - (PreOrder 2020 Sep)

    Pack Size: 10