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  • SM6055572

    4 YEARS+
    Can you release the beast? The Animal is a powerful interactive truck that breaks out of its own package! The ultimate unboxing experience begins when you tear off the outer layer of the package and pull the tab to reveal the key. Unlock the crate and awaken The Animal inside! It’s up to you to make The Animal angry enough to claw out. Yell and it will roar back! Knock and it will knock back – The Animal is listening! Continue to knock and yell and watch the crate start to shake back and forth as The Animal comes alive with glowing eyes and sounds! Aggravate The Animal until it transforms from powerful 4X4 truck to beast, clawing its way out of the crate! Once The Animal unboxes, it’s ready for clawing and climbing action. Retractable claws hidden in the wheels allow The Animal to claw and climb over obstacles and power over different terrains! Challenge The Animal to claw its way over objects up to 3 inches tall! Out of the crate, The Animal is easy to use. Switch the throttle to forward or reverse position and push the motor down to watch it move! To make The Animal stop, simply push the motor again or push the tow lever. For more fun ways to play with The Animal, use the included tow strap to pull another toy, or switch to reverse and test The Animal’s strength with a game of tug of war! Discover all the ways The Animal will interact with you. Shake your truck to make it angry, knock or yell at it to make it growl, or put The Animal on its side to see and hear it whine! Repeat the unboxing and watch The Animal claw out of its crate over and over again! The Animal is a great gift for kids aged 4 and up and can be used indoors or outdoors. The Animal is powered by 4 Duracell AA batteries (included). The Animal is the ultimate unboxing truck that can claw and climb over anything in its way – including its own box! Claw through any challenge with The Animal!

    Pack Size: 1
  • ASYS5H

    AGE 8+
    1. Easy to fly with one key take-off & landing 2. Auto-Hover 3. Indoor or Outdoor Use 4. 2 Speeds (slower speed for beginners) 5. Includes USB plug for recharging and spare tail propeller. S5H is a light, easy to control helicopter with auto-take off & landing and auto hovering.

    Pack Size: 6
  • ASYX15T

    AGE 8+
    The NIGHT HAWK is programed with 16 stunts including flips and pre programed flight patterns. The translucent body emits light so it is easily seen in the dark and ideal for night flight. Choose from 6 different light patterns coming from the main body. With a mid sized frame, it is both light and versatile. Easy to fly with one key take off / landing, auto hover and 2 speeds (slower speed for beginners). Try Me packaging to demonstrate light features.

    Pack Size: 8
  • ASYX26

    AGE 8+
    1. Easy indoor drone for beginners featuring Obstacle Avoidance Technology. 2. Obstacle Avoidance helps getting around obstructions without crashing 3. Direct the drone with the remote control or just by waving a hand near it 4. One-key take-off / landing & Auto-Hover 5. Land the drone by remote or simply turn it upside down to turn off. Easy to fly drone featuring Obstacle-Avoidance Technology to assist getting around obstructions. Perfect for beginners as the X26 enables pilots to fly near objects or in tight spaces with extra peace of mind. Control the X26 with either the remote control or just by waving your hand near it. Remote control requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

    Pack Size: 4/8
  • ASYQ5

    AGE 8+
    Make waves with this 2.4GHZ Remote Control Mini Boat (23cm/9in. Long) . Features dual propellers with full function movement in all directions, waterproof, anti tilt hull. Not intended for use in salt water. Includes USB Charging Cable & spare propeller Remote control requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

    Pack Size: 6
  • CT160445

    AGE 3+
    1:12 scale. Full Function with 360 spin rotation. 2.4G Frequency and 4 channel for indoor & outdoor. Controller and Gesture control. Control Time 20mins. RC Distance 30-60 mins. Charge time 3 hours. Suspension for off-road. Add water in the back and watch it be air released for smoke feature. Colour light for night time driving. Includes 7.4 V Battery. USB charger also included and 3.7 V battery for gesture control. 2 AA Batteries for hand controller NOT included.

    Pack Size: 6
  • ASYTG1004T

    5 YEARS+
    "Test your skills against your opponents with this laser tag version of Battle Tanks! Each set includes 2 Battle Tanks and 2 Remote Controls. Hit your opponent 5 times to win. Awesome, realistic light and sound affects when firing and scoring a ""hit"". Features a standard and special weapon for scoring double damage on your opponent. Unlimited numbers of players can join in the battle!"

    Pack Size: 3

    14 YEARS+
    Breathtaking, high definition videos wherever you go. Compact, foldable design with Dual HD video cameras (Live Stream & 4K Photos -1080P wide angle lens at the front and 720P on the bottom for unique vertical shots). 25 min. of flight time (per battery) with dual band transmission and optical flow positioning for stable control. Let X30 take control with “follow me” modes through visual recognition or signal from a mobile device. Use the App and simply point to the map to direct X30 where to fly with either “Flight Map” or “Way Point”. Control X30 with simple hand gestures for flight, snapping photos or starting video. When power is running low, X30 will auto-return on its own…MV features: Screen in Screen, Photo Edit movies, sharing to TikTok all from the drone! Push your creative boundaries! Compact, Foldable Remote control uses rechargeable 3.7V 385mAh Li-Po Battery (included)

    Pack Size: 6