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  • AA154842
    (PreOrder 2021 May)

    AGE 3+ - (PreOrder 2021 May)
    Transform your back lawn into a golf course with your very own golf set and handy storage caddy bag. Includes 3 clubs, 3 balls and plastic carry bag for all your equipment.

    Pack Size: 12/24
  • CA600085

    AGE 6+
    Why walk or run when you can Zoingo Boingo! The Zoingo Boingo is the amazing bungee pogo stick on a ball for any flat or smooth surface. Children will love bouncing around and pulling off wicked spinning tricks while in the air! Great for exercise, balance, co-ordination and loads of fun! AGE 6+

    Pack Size: 4
  • AA130192

    3 YEARS+
    Become the Golf Master with this junipr golf set. Includes clubs, balls and other accessories. All come in a sturdy trolley bag which has wheels and handle to move around easy.

    Pack Size: 8
  • AA145968
    (PreOrder 2021 May)

    3 YEARS+ - (PreOrder 2021 May)
    Easy grip skipping rope. Features a manual step counter, for ease in counting each jump taken.

    Pack Size: 24/48
  • AA154813
    (PreOrder 2021 May)

    6 YEARS+ - (PreOrder 2021 May)
    Dazzle Jump Rope with sparkling handles.

    Pack Size: 24/48
  • AA145816

    3 YEARS+
    Archery for kids includes 3 bows - stimulating outdoor play. AGE 3+

    Pack Size: 12/24

    3 YEARS+
    The best indoor boomerang in the world! The Indoor Booma is made of soft, safe foam, so you won't cause any damage. This isn't just any foam - it's our specially engineered 'memorang' foam, which can be 'tuned' for different flight paths. It's perfect for throwing around larger rooms or even in the garden - as long as it's not too windy! When thrown as instructed, it will travel in a 4-6 metre circle and return to the spot - guaranteed!

    Pack Size: 18

    8 YEARS+
    Wicked Aussie Booma is a two blade, mid-distance, sports boomerang. This classic boomerang is a variation of Wicked’s world famous tri-blade design, and has been engineered to provide the same smooth, accurate return flight ranging from 25-30 metres!

    Pack Size: 24

    8 YEARS+
    Wicked Mega Jump is the next step in jump ropes! Jump faster and jump better thanks to the nifty features we’ve incorporated. Ball-bearing axles to help rotation be as smooth as possible. Great quality, thin rope for high speed. Textured handle to increase grip meaning you don’t need to worry about dropping it when you’re busting out super cool tricks such as a full twist, a triple or even a TJ! An innovative quick release mechanism allows the rope to be resized with ease to fit your height. Finally, the vibrant colour combinations make Mega Jump stand out from the crowd! The double version of the Wicked Mega Jump is 4.3m long so you can get your friends involved and show them who’s the double Dutch trick master!

    Pack Size: 8

    6 YEARS+
    Cleverly engineered for maximum bouncability, Mega Bounce Junior is 1.41 metres (circumference) of awesomeness that’s guaranteed to cause a commotion. Wicked Mega Bounce Junior bounces brilliantly on almost any terrain – even grass and sand - and the super grip graphics make it incredibly easy to throw and catch. It's perfect for the beach , park or playground and comes with a handy foot pump. Mega Bounce is, quite simply, mega fun - you won't want to put it down!

    Pack Size: 6
  • FST80900

    6 YEARS+
    Re-Tracta Net is a portable table tennis net and post set. It uses an innovative clamping system and as a result easily assembles in seconds, with no screws or tools required. Featuring a self-tensioning nylon net with a rolling mechanism, it can be conveniently stored away when not in use. You'll really be delighted at how easy it is to set-up and pack down your table with the Re-Tracta Net! - Max width 190cm - Max table thickness 4.4cm - 15.5cm net height

    Pack Size: 25
  • FST75100

    6 YEARS+
    White 6 Pack of Table Tennis Balls. These 1 Star rated balls are regulation size (40mm). They're a great choice for practising your game, or for a friendly competition at home!

    Pack Size: 24
  • FST75200

    6 YEARS+
    Orange 6 Pack of Table Tennis Balls. These 1 Star rated balls are regulation size (40mm). They're a great choice for practising your game, or for a friendly competition at home!

    Pack Size: 24
  • CA603029

    6 YEARS+
    You’ve never seen a disc like this! Lift your game with the Wahu Ryzr™. The unique convex design contributes to its awesome flight. Toss it and watch it rise high in the sky! Its “fins” can be flexed to alter the trajectory and achieve maximum lift. • Flies straight, then rises with the wind! • Durable flexterior • Soft outer material is comfortable to grip & catch! Ryzr™ features a turbulator design allowing for long-distance throws, and is best played with in large, open areas. Throw Ryzr™ flat and level (like a traditional flying disc) and release with a rapid spinning wrist-action. For optimal rising action, throw Ryzr™ so it travels 1 – 2 feet above a flat, hard surface (i.e., pavement). Ryzr™’s flight path is affected by how it is thrown: • When thrown flat, Ryzr™ will fly straight. • When thrown tilted right, Ryzr™ will bank right. • When thrown tilted left, Ryzr™ will bank left. If Ryzr™ banks right when thrown flat, you can correct by flexing upwards slightly. If Ryzr™ banks left, you can correct by flexing downward slightly. Wind will influence the flight path. Available in 3 colours: Pink, Yellow and Green.

    Pack Size: 12
  • CA768

    6 YEARS+
    Catch the hottest toy this summer with Drop Dot Ball 85mm! Bounce it, catch it, throw it! Whatever you do, you won't be able to put it down, Drop Dots Balls are unique one of a kind balls that come in an assortment of bright colored combos! These funky balls are on another level!

    Pack Size: 18
  • AB56005

    3 YEARS+
    Includes 10 Hoops & 10 Connection Parts, Easy set up

    Pack Size: 6
  • AB56187

    3 YEARS+
    "4 Assorted designs with 4 assorted size - 26"" / 28.5"" /31"" / 33.5"", LED blinking lights, lights stop automatically when it is static. Glitter surface makes them eye catching."

    Pack Size: 32
  • AA151995

    3 YEARS+
    Aero Howler football - Listen to the aero howler whistle as you send it flying high in the air as far as you can! 2 assorted colours.

    Pack Size: 12
  • AAB003-NETT

    18 MONTHS+
    Pedal Forward, reverse, Pedal Brake. Max Loading 30kg. Steel and PVC.

    Pack Size: 1
  • 202902B-7

    AGE 10months +
    3 in 1 Multi-Stage Trike : 10+ Months, 15+ Months, and 24+ Months. Extendable, Adjustable and removable steering parent handle. Full metal frame and rubber wheels. In push-in position, the lock fastens the pedals to the wheel, allowing the child to pedal independently forward and backwards. Easy to assemble. Adjustable seat, seat belt and foot stand. Removable basket / safety guard / headrest / canopy. Kids Tricycle 3 in 1 Galaxy. AGE 10months +

    Pack Size: 1

    5 YEARS+
    New to the Wicked Sky Rider range is the uniquely shaped Air Square! With its precision weighted design, the Air Square flies incredible distances with a smooth, stable flight path. Catch with ease thanks to the soft rubberised corners that make the Air Square look amazing as it flies through the air!

    Pack Size: 12
  • AA159404

    Age 3+
    Enjoy outdoor play with the Sports Hi Bounce Hand Ball.

    Pack Size: 24/192
  • B204-BLUE

    AGE 18 months +
    Easy to assemble. Steel Frame. Adjustable soft cushioned PU seat. Adjustable handlebars. Soft, durable handlebar grips. Bearing Abec 5. Engineered super light wheels. Puncture Free EVA polymer Tyres. Max Rider weight 30KG. Ultra Light weight at 2.9KG. Suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years.

    Pack Size: 1