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  • HASC0299

    3 YEARS+
    Welcome to the world of My Little Pony, a place filled with the magic of friendship! Meet Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack! These special friends always stick together. Join them for adventures and fun! Explore Ponyville, the royal city of Canterlot, and all of Equestria, where kids can be introduced to more pony friends! Imaginative playsets help create the world of My Little Pony at home, while fun pony toys have great features including long, colorful hair for styling and accessories for dress up and play! Discover the magic of friendship with the My Little Pony: The Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle figure, a pony with Pegasus wings and a light-up unicorn horn! While interacting with her, she can move her head and hoof, say 90 plus phrases, and light up her horn. Kids can explore how powerful friendship can be with this beautiful, interactive pony companion!

    Pack Size: 1
  • HASC0719

    3 YEARS+
    Baby hippogriffs are perfect companions for the Mane 6 to imagine flying over Equestria! Place this Flash Feather baby hippogriff figure inside the flower accessory and then stick it on smooth surfaces. Imagine creating more stories around Equestria with the Flash Feather figure and his baby hippogriff friend, the Flutter Cloud figure (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).

    Pack Size: 8
  • HASC1058

    3 YEARS+
    There's many ways to play with Pinkie Pie as a seapony and her Seashell Lagoon playset! Inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie, this Pinkie Pie seapony figure has a pretty mermaid-like tail for imagining undersea adventures in the kingdom of Seaquestria. Imagine her getting ready for an undersea party or recreate scenes from the movie while exploring and having fun in her Seashell Lagoon.

    Pack Size: 2
  • HK933066

    3 YEARS+
    See Twilight Sparkle and her friends come to life with this Inkredible title! Use the special Invisible Ink marker included to complete 12 pages of games, mazes, puzzles and more featuring your favourite characters!

    Pack Size: 6/36
  • HASE0031

    3 YEARS+
    Kids can explore the world of My Little Pony with this soft My Little Pony figure. Imagine exciting friendship adventures in Ponyville and giggle as their heads bobble. The adorable eyes feature the shape of her cutie mark! Look for all the My Little Pony Cutie Mark Bobbles to create a collection! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

    Pack Size: 6
  • HASE1973

    3 YEARS+
    7 inch pony figures with accessories. Press their Cutie Mark to hear 25 plus phrases about all the Pony friends

    Pack Size: 3
  • HASE1929

    3 YEARS+
    Pinkie Pie is a teacher at the School of Friendship, and she loves to show students how to do what she does best! With the 2-in-1 My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Beats and Treats Magical Classroom, pretend Pinkie Pie has fun lessons to share. First, imagine she is teaching students how to bake sweets in the kitchen. Put the pie accessory inside the oven and imagine she's waiting for her treat. Ding! Hear the timer and pretend the pie is done! Then, flip the set around for music class. Place the guitar accessory on the Pinkie Pie figure and set it on the stage to hear a guitar solo, or put keyboard on the stage to hear some notes. Behind the microphone, kids can press the button and hear her hum a fun tune. Place another pony figure (sold separately) on stage to pretend they're jamming -- when kids press the button and then place an instrument on the stage, they'll hear humming and music together!

    Pack Size: 2
  • HASE4966

    3 YEARS+
    3-inch assorted pony figure with signature cutie mark Inspired by each character in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television series Classic figures are a great way to introduce kids ages 3 and up to the My Little Pony TV show and toys Collect a rainbow of colorful friends with My Little Pony Mane Pony figures (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

    Pack Size: 12
  • HASE5892

    3 YEARS+
    Imagine fun stories alongside the magical ruler of Equestria and her sister with these sparkling pony figures! Each pony figure has a beautiful horn and wings that sparkle and shine with glitter! Kids can use the included comb accessory to brush their long, colorful hair. Princess Celestia and her sister, Princess Luna, are the co-rulers of Equestria. Together, they use their magic to raise the sun at dawn and bring out the moon each night. Look for both sparkling Princess pony figures to imagine the sisters are together on a magical adventure! My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

    Pack Size: 4
  • HASE4967

    3 YEARS+
    Bring pony friends on adventures wherever you go with the On-the-Go assortment! Each pack in this assortment comes with a character-inspired cardboard story scene and 14 themed accessories for imagining character and entertainment-inspired stories. Each pack includes a clutch-shaped storage case with handle. Place the 3-inch figure, accessories, and double-sided story scene inside the travel clutch to bring the fun on-the-go!

    Pack Size: 4