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  • SM6028785
    (PreOrder 2019 Dec)

    6 YEARS+ - (PreOrder 2019 Dec)
    Tech Deck brings you the real deal with authentic 96mm fingerboards from real skate companies! Each one features graphics from the biggest skate companies in the world, including Blind, Baker, Primitive, Finesse, Santa Cruz, Plan B, Sk8mafia, and Toy Machine. This 4-Pack includes 4 boards you can build any way you want. Recreate your favorite lines and enjoy as you build your collection. Product Features: Authentic 96mm fingerboards from real skate companies! 4 pack value No batteries required For ages 6+

    Pack Size: 8
  • SM6028601
    (PreOrder 2019 Dec)

    6 YEARS+ - (PreOrder 2019 Dec)
    For kids who aspire to experience the thrill and fun of action sports, only Tech Deck connects them with the most realistic experience through play, that allows them to explore and capture the culture of action sports! Product Features: Perform awesome stunts Real bike companies Real bike components Includes 1x fully assembled bike Ages 6+

    Pack Size: 4
  • SM6053094

    6 YEARS+
    Hit the streets with all-new Street Hits from Tech Deck! Why visit a skatepark when the world is your skatepark!? Inside every Street Hits pack is a single, fully assembled fingerboard plus a sick street feature so you can start your freestyle fun right away! Tech Deck Street Hits lets you start small and cruise around on an official board featuring authentic graphics from real skate companies! Then go big and move from piece to piece, stringing together some sick street lines! Pop an ollie, stall on an edge, or ride a rail and pull off a sick flip trick to finish! Street Hits has everything you need to build a Tech Deck foundation. Want to expand your trick book? Recreate your favorite tricks and expand your skills by checking out online tutorial videos at From rails to ramps, and grinds to grabs, you can shred the streets with Tech Deck Street Hits!

    Pack Size: 6
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