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  • SM6028846

    6 YEARS+
    Authentic Tech Deck board with real skate graphics. Includes: 1 board, 1 tool, 1 stand, 1 mini sticker, 1 large sticker and 4 extra wheels for customization.

    Pack Size: 12
  • SM6028785

    6 YEARS+
    Multi pack to provide added value to consumers. Includes: 1 assembled board, 3 unassembled boards, 12 deco wheels, 24 screws, 12 nuts, 1 tool, 6 trucks, 3 sets of stickers.

    Pack Size: 8
  • SM6028601

    6 YEARS+
    Authentic Tech Deck BMX bike with real bike components and graphics. Includes: 1 fully assembled BMX bike.

    Pack Size: 4
  • SM6027665

    6 YEARS+
    The perfect complimentary accessory for every Tech Deck player. Great to push boys beyond collecting into playing, 3 Styles. A unique identity that is different than competition: Ridiculous, Relentless, Fearless vs Gross. Lots of play value for our younger demo (aged 5-6)!

    Pack Size: 3
  • SM6027117

    AGE 6+
    Build your own unique setup, this Starter Kit has nearly countless layout combinations. Use the included Trainer Clips to practice and make it easy to catch some air! The Starter Kit works with Tech Deck BMX (sold separately) and includes a signature pro board to get you started.

    Pack Size: 3