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  • MATDYM82

    9 MONTHS+
    Catch it if you can, baby! For a zooming, spinning, ball-popping good time, the Fisher-Price® Zoom 'n Crawl Monster™ has it all. With two exciting ways to play, the zany fun can grow along with your little one. For sit-at play, little ones can fill the monster with five colorful balls, then bat at the roller ball to watch them spin around in its belly and spill out. Fun songs and silly phrases make fill and spill play even more exciting. When they're ready to crawl, their silly monster friend starts zooming around the room, spinning and tumbling the balls out as it goes, encouraging babies to chase after the cruising monster or the balls! And this friendly monster has more than 15 encouraging phrases, songs and sounds to keep your little one chasing again and again. Where development comes into play™ Gross Motor: This silly monster encourages your baby to crawl and play—strengthening little muscles along the way! Sensory: A variety of textures, bright colors, silly sounds and zooming moves stimulate your baby's developing senses. Thinking Skills: Discovering all the ways they can make their silly monster friend move introduces little ones to cause & effect!

    Pack Size: 1
  • MATFGG90

     This sweet giraffe friend helps soothe your baby with 20 minutes of soft music and sounds, including 10 gentle songs, pink noise, and nature sounds. Place it on top of a dresser or table top, or attach to the stroller when you're on the go! Where development comes into play™ Sensory: The giraffe's soothing music & sounds helps your baby settle down while engaging their developing auditory senses. Security & Happiness: A sweet giraffe character and soothing music helps establish a comforting on-the-go routine for your little one.

    Pack Size: 4
  • MATFFN36

    "This adorable training potty helps your little one become a confident potty-user with a realistic toilet design, rewarding music and sounds, and a bonus electronic storybook that introduces and encourages kids to use the potty. When little ones ""flush"" the potty, they'll hear fun phrases and a realistic flushing sound! Plus, handles on the removable potty ring help toddlers feel secure, and the ring fits most adult toilets to help your tiny tot transition to the toilet! Where development comes into playâ„¢ Balance & Coordination: As little ones independently lower themselves onto the potty (and get back up again!), they'll develop balance & coordination. Curiosity: Realistic sounds, sung songs & fun phrases help keep toddlers engaged in potty time and encourage them to use the potty while interacting with Puppy through the storybook. Security & Happiness: The low seat and high seat back help toddlers feel secure and grounded as they sit on the potty and are introduced to the potty routine. 2AA Batteries Required"

    Pack Size: 1
  • MATDPV46

    Two perfectly portable, helpful products in one! It’s a six speed space-saving swing with music and soothing nature sounds. And it’s a stationary baby seat with soothing sounds, music and calming vibrations for newborns and babies up to 25 lbs., too. Double the use … and less clutter in your home! SmartSwing Technology offers six distinct swinging speeds from low to high so you can find the motion to suit baby’s mood. It actually senses baby’s weight (so speeds won’t slow as baby grows)—and it starts without a push! Easily converts to a stationary seat with calming vibrations for soothing and snoozing. And in either mode, a sweet little lion and elephant keep baby company. Folds flat, with a carry handle to take with you anywhere. 

    Pack Size: 2
  • MATFFR39

    Baby feels right at home in the dome! That's because it features a comfy pad for your little one to nap on or play on and a canopy that protects baby from sun and bugs. Use it indoors or out! Two colorful toys dangle overhead to encourage eye tracking. The toys can be removed and placed within baby's reach for exploring the textures. And when you're ready to pick up and go again, just fold the dome and use the handles to take it with you! It's a great take-along for camping, picnics, a day at the beach, playdates, or a visit to grandma's house.   Where development comes into play™ Security & Happiness: Soft padding and sun blocking visor help baby feel secure when away from home. Fine Motor: Dome includes link toys that will keep baby busy while strengthening & developing fine motor skills.   

    Pack Size: 1
  • MATFNR97

    12-36 MONTHS
    "Clean up time has never been more fun! When your toddler pushes the vacuum along, bright lights and learning songs and phrases will introduce colors, counting, and more. Flip the ""power"" switch up and actual vacuum sounds let your tiny helper really get into the role play fun! Where development comes into play™ Academics: Playful songs and phrases introduce counting, colors, shapes, opposites, and more. Gross Motor: As your baby pushes the vacuum here, there, and everywhere, they're developing important gross motor skills like balance and coordination. Creativity & Imagination: The realistic design and sound effects encourages early role play and imaginative fun as your little one pretends to clean house! "

    Pack Size: 2
  • MATDVP65

    1.5-5 YEARS+
    Toddlers love zipping and zooming around town, over and down the Skyway, and all over the living room floor with these super fun Wheelies™ cars! Collect them all to rev up the zip-zooming fun! (Each sold separately and subject to availability.) Little things that make a big difference.™ Fine Motor: Dexterity and hand-eye coordination are fostered as toddlers grasp and move the vehicles. 

    Pack Size: 24
  • MATDVM92

    1-5 YEARS+
    With these Little People® figure packs, toddlers can explore the world around them and discover all the different roles people play in their community. From the farm to the classroom, these figures can help toddlers understand how these everyday heroes and community helpers make a difference in their lives. Collect them all! (Each sold separately and subject to availability.)

    Pack Size: 12
  • MATFHC83

    1 YEARS+
    Your little adventurer can zip around the jungle with the Little People® Safari Guide in this rolling camouflaged vehicle. Enjoy the sights of wildlife in their natural habitats (Oh, look! A rhinoceros!), and head to the 360-degree observation deck to capture it all on camera. But be careful not to disturb the animals! Little things that make a big difference™ Respect for Animals: As toddlers pretend to go on safari in this vehicle, they see how important it is to let wild animals stay in their natural habitats. Imaginative Play: With easy-to-grasp figures, toddlers can use their imaginations to create stories as they play. Gross Motor: Pushing the vehicle here, there, and everywhere helps develop your little explorer's gross motor skills. 

    Pack Size: 3
  • MATDNM75

    1-5 YEARS+
    Kids just press down on the seats in these toy vehicles to hear fun sounds, phrases and even a song to get the pretend play rolling. Each vehicle comes with one or more friendly Little People® figures to place in the driver’s seat. Bring them to any Little People® playset to put the fun in overdrive! (Each vehicle and set sold separately and subject to availability.)

    Pack Size: 2
  • MATFYL39

    6 MONTHS+
    Load  up  on  learning  fun  with  the  Fisher-Price®  Sort  &  Spill  Learning  Truck!  This  toy  truck  lights  up  your  baby's  play  time  with  shape-sorting,  fill-and-spill  fun  and  more  than  50  songs,  sounds,  and  phrases  about  shapes,  colors,  and  counting.  It's  sized  just  right  for  little  hands  to  grasp  and  push  along.  And,  as  your  little  one  grows,  the  pull  string  rewards  your  baby's  first  steps  with  exciting  multi-colored lights,  music,  and  vehicle  sounds!

    Pack Size: 2
  • MATDYM77

    3-6 MONTHS
    "All  aboard  the  learning  bus!  With  tons  of  hands-on  activities  and  entertaining  songs and  sounds,  the  Fisher-Price®  Laugh  &  Learn®  Learn  Around  Town  Bus  encourages  little  ones  to  crawl  while  introducing  them  to  colors,  numbers,  shapes,  and  more!  Get  the  fun  rolling  by  pushing  the  bus  along  to  hear  playful  songs  and sounds.  Unlock  more  learning  content  by  opening  and  closing  the  peek-a-boo  door  and  sliding  the  window  back  and  forth. Babies  can  even  build  the  ""Wheels  on  the  Bus""  song  with  every  press  of  the  light-up  music  button.  For  more  fine  motor  skill-building  fun,  there's  a  bat-at  roller  to  spin  round  and  round.  Your  little  one  will  love  discovering  all  the  learning  fun  on  the  Learn  Around  Town  Bus!"

    Pack Size: 2
  • MATFYL50

    6 MONTHS+
    Slide  into  colorful  hands-on  play  with  the  Fisher-Price®  Chasing  Rainbows™  Bead  Maze!  The  brightly  colored  beads  are  sized  just  right  for  little  hands  to  bat,  spin,  and  slide  across  the  rainbow  arches.  For  more  magical  fun,  your  baby  can  bat  the  rattle  roller  or  spin  the  double-sided  sun  to  hear  exciting  clicking  sounds!

    Pack Size: 2
  • MATFHG50

    1.5-5 YEARS+
    "From fueling up, tuning up, and zooming all around, there's miles of fun for toddlers to discover at the Little People® Helpful Neighbor's Garage! Turn the crank to ride the elevator up the garage levels. Ding, ding! Help a neighbor fix their car! Lift the mechanic's platform to take a look under the hood, while the second car """"charges"""" at the """"electronic charging"""" station. When they're ready to roll, kids can send each Wheelies™ vehicle zooming down the spiral ramp to head out on their next adventure. Don't forget to fill up at the gas pump! Little things that make a big difference™ Relationship Skills: Kids can take turns sending the vehicles zooming down the ramp, and see how fun it is to play together as they work together to """"fix"""" their cars at the mechanic's station. Imaginative Play: With easy-to-grasp vehicles, kids can use their imaginations to create stories as they play. Fine Motor: Little hands get a big workout as they grasp and move the vehicles, strengthening dexterity and hand-eye coordination."

    Pack Size: 2
  • MATFVR28

    1-5 YEARS
    Toddlers will love exploring different parts of the world with these animal pals! Bring these figures to the Little People® Share & Care Safari™ for a wildly good time! (Playset sold separately and subject to availability.) Little things that make a big difference™ Kindness: As toddlers pretend to feed and care for their pals, they see how good it feels to be kind to our animal friends. Imaginative Play: With easy-to-grasp figures, toddlers can use their imaginations to create stories as they play. Fine Motor: Little hands get a big workout as they grasp and interact with the figures, strengthening dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

    Pack Size: 12
  • MAT72044

    2-6 YEARS
    Inspired by the classic 1975 toy, the Fisher-Price® Cash Register helps teach your child counting, numbers and colors. This toy cash register comes with nine brightly colored plastic coins for pretend transactions. Time to check out? When young shop owners turn the crank, the bell rings and the drawer opens! To get change, just push a button and coins roll down the ramp. 

    Pack Size: 4