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  • MATC1817

    3 YEARS+
     The classic Matchbox™ 5 Pack makes a perfect party gift! Packs feature a set of five detailed vehicles with multiple themes to play out whatever you imagine. From the bumper to the fender, each car is loaded with realistic details like rolling wheels and true-to-life decos. Kids will love coming up with their own city, rescue, construction or adventure story. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Not for use with some Matchbox™ sets. Colors and decorations may vary.

    Pack Size: 12
  • MAT68982

    AGE 3+
    Now you can reach for the stars and become an ace flyer! The Sky Busters® line features realistic, highly detailed airplanes and helicopters that look just like the real thing! Collect them all for the ultimate in high-flying fun! Each sold separately, subject to availability.

    Pack Size: 10
  • MATFWD28

    3 YEARS+
    The  Matchbox™  basic  cars  and  trucks  collection  have  a  moving  parts  feature—  doors,  hoods  and  trunks  open  on  a  variety  of  popular  vehicles  from  Ford,  GM,  Volkswagen,  Nissan  and  more!  There  are  six  die-cast  reproductions  with  exceptional  true-to-life  decos,  the  innovative  moving  part  feature,  and  cool  graphics  on  a  blister  pack.  Great  gift  for  new  collectors  who  love  small  metal  car  play  or  want  to  start  a  collection.?

    Pack Size: 8
  • MATGBJ48

    3 YEARS+
    2019  celebrates  the  50th  Anniversary  of  Superfast™  with  a  premium  collector  assortment  for  the  full  year!  There  are  six  vehicles  with  exceptional  true-to-life  decos,  innovative  moving  part  feature,  2-piece  special  rubber-like  rolling  wheels  and  their  own  Superfast™  50th  anniversary  collector  boxes.  Great  gift  for  new  collectors  who  love  small  car  play  or  for  aficionados! ?

    Pack Size: 8