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  • AH55602
    (PreOrder 2021 Oct)

    8 YEARS+ - (PreOrder 2021 Oct)
    Intex Play Goggles come in an assortment of 3 colours BLUE, YELLOW + PURPLE.

    Pack Size: 12
  • AH58652
    (PreOrder 2021 Oct)

    AGES 3-6 - (PreOrder 2021 Oct)
    *23cm x 15cm * 2 air chambers each *Pegable Box Smooth material for arm holes to keep cool and avoid heating and sticking to skin.

    Pack Size: 36
  • AH59040

    3 YEARS+
    *Bright Glossy Coloured Panels *51cm Diameter

    Pack Size: 36
  • AH59220

    3-6 YEARS
    *Frog, Giraffe and Zebra Assortment *0.20mm Vinyl

    Pack Size: 36
  • AH29000

    * Easy To Clean Dacron Filter Material

    Pack Size: 6
  • COL103974

    AGE 3+
    Essential accessory for playing with dough! Made from quality plantation timber and it is the perfect size for small hands.

    Pack Size: 12
  • COL212102

    3 YEARS+
    All time favourite game!

    Pack Size: 12/288
  • CR51320104

    4 YEARS+
    Crayola Art Chalks come in white and can be used on paper and surfaces other than chalkboards.

    Pack Size: 12/144
  • UG19471

    5 YEARS+
    Transform your space into a glowing universe! Transform your ceiling into a starry sky! A special phosphorescent formula gives these glow-in-the- dark stars a life that’s almost as long as the real thing! Glominite stores light so they’re rechargeable and won’t wear out. Just expose them to light and they’re ready to glisten once more. Age 5+

    Pack Size: 12
  • HL78/78050

    3 YEARS+
    All the assorted marbles you need for that exciting marble play-off. One 25mm marble, 20 16mm marbles.

    Pack Size: 24/48
  • LBW309-SH1145

    AGE 3+
    Sturdy wooden noughts and crosses board

    Pack Size: 6/48
  • MJ010443

    4 YEARS+
    Disney Princess Snap Card Game is a card game with a simple set of rules that can be played by children as young as 4 years old.

    Pack Size: 8/96
  • LBW614-ORT31281B

    3 YEARS
    This vibrant puzzle is good for helping to develop letter recognition and prereading skills.

    Pack Size: 12/24
  • AA139635

    3 YEARS+
    25cm diamater Frisbee. Great for the beach or outdoors.

    Pack Size: 24/144
  • LBW407-YD8886

    AGE 3+
    "Safe and simple variation on gun toys. The cork is attached to the barrel by a string. ""Fire"" the gun by pulling back the grip and sliding it forward until ""Pop!"" Air pressure releases the cork!"

    Pack Size: 12/144
  • AH59262

    9 YEARS+
    * 91cm Diameter * 0.23mm Vinyl * Orange, Pink and Yellow Neon Frost Colours

    Pack Size: 24
  • CA676313

    4 YEARS+
    Farmyard Donkey is a card game which consists of 17 pairs & 2 Donkey Cards. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards to be saved and avoid being the one left with the “Donkey Card”. The pack contains 2 Donkey cards so this deck can also be used as for pairs and memory style games. Happy Families is a traditional card game, with special packs of 44 picture cards, grouped into 11 sets of 4. The cards usually feature pictures of family members or job types, for example, Bun the Baker. The idea of the game is to collect entire families. Jungle Snap cards are shuffled between the players and players take turns to turn over their top card. When a card is turned over that matches the card in the middle, the first player to shout “snap” takes the pile and adds them to the bottom of their cards. The winner is the player to collect all the cards. Pairs on Wheels is a card game which is played with 36 cards (18 identical pairs). The aim of the game is to gather as many pairs as possible and the player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

    Pack Size: 16/192
  • HASA2042

    3 YEARS+
    Start your own wild monkey parade with the Barrel of Monkeys game! These little monkeys have gone wild, and when you throw them all in a big pile, they're all tangled up with arms and tails. Can you pick up one monkey and then pick up another with the first monkey's arm? Don't drop your monkeys as you build your parade, or you'll lose your turn! Build the longest monkey parade to win! Includes 1 monkeys and instructions. For 1 or more players.

    Pack Size: 12
  • CR684112

    3 YEARS+
    * 3.3mm think, strong leads - less breakage * Bright, intense colours * High quality, reforested wood * Entire length of lead is glued into the barrel for extra strength * Smooth laydown, great for colour mixing

    Pack Size: 12/48
  • COL153481

    3 YEARS+
    Over 100 years old and more popular than ever! A fun and easy way to use modelling compound that never dries out. 9 Colour Strips 130g. Includes a moulding tool

    Pack Size: 10
  • HAS34379

    5 YEARS+
    This awesome pocket-sized football is just the ticket for you to boost your passing game! When you lob it with all your might, its tail helps it to go the ultimate distance. When the game is over, stick it back in your pocket!

    Pack Size: 6
  • MJ010444

    3 YEARS+
    Pairs Card game

    Pack Size: 8
  • MAT68982

    AGE 3+
    Now you can reach for the stars and become an ace flyer! The Sky Busters® line features realistic, highly detailed airplanes and helicopters that look just like the real thing! Collect them all for the ultimate in high-flying fun! Each sold separately, subject to availability.

    Pack Size: 10
  • AA665478

    3 YEARS+
    Pirate Set includes cutlas sword, pirate pistol, eye patch and pirate treasures.

    Pack Size: 12/24