• Take note of any age/weight requirements on toys. A lot of pool toys are designed for specific age groups, and some may specify weight restrictions.
  • Remove your pool toys from the pool when finished.  Having toys in the pool area when no one is around can attract children and entice them to enter these areas when no one is supervising.  Chemicals can also affect the longevity of pool toys – having them sit in the pool for a few days unnecessarily leaves them in contact with the chemicals that are found in your pool.
  • Be aware of your pool surroundings. Sharp objects generally are not your pool toys friend – Rocky areas – some plants that can surround some pools, can be quite sharp and may pierce inflatable toys.
  • Don’t leave them sitting in the sun or on the hot pool surround. When you take them out of the pool don’t just put them on the hot surface of the pool surround. Paved or Brick pool surround can get extremely hot – So if you’re walking on it and its burning your feet I would be opting to place them in the shade until they dry.
  • When finished using them, make sure they are clean and dry. A quick rinse in clean water before letting them dry off before you put them away removes any chemical residue.
  • Deflate and store in a cool dry place until needed. Once clean and dry your inflatable pool toys are ready to be stored out of sunlight in a cool dry place.
  • Store way from rodents – No one likes mice or rats but they will chew through anything.
  • Patch them if needed. There is a huge range of  PVC inflatable patches/repair kits available (we sell some) When you are ready to use them again take them out  – blow them up  – if there are any pin holes, wear and tear  you may be able to  patch them.


By following these easy steps, you should be able to get many years out of your favourite pool toys!