WARNING – Fidget Cube Fakes and Knockoff’s 

We want to remind everyone about the Fake Fidget Cubes that are hitting the market. ZURU will and are aggressively targeting and issuing legal action against anyone who will be supplying or retailing any of these fakes. 

There has already been legal action against some suppliers and retailers to protect the IP of the product. Watch this space on this one. 

Please keep in mind these factor’s if these fakes are offered to you or in fact you have purchased:

  • Has the item got all the testing and safety standards in place for Australia?
  • There is a big difference in the mechanics of the fake’s compared to the original Fidget Cube by Anstey Labs. They look exactly the same. You only have to GOOGLE to see the comparisons being made between the 2.
  • We would hate to see any stores have issues in supplying these fakes and something goes wrong and a child swallowing small parts – not worth the risk. If you are buying directly from China you are taking a massive risk. This item is great for the special needs children and if these fakes are supplied to these children or schools and something goes wrong you couldn’t live with yourself.
  • All Brands Toys does not want to see retailers being served with legal action and going through the full process and having to destroy and lose money.
  • It will be soon that the general public will see that there are fakes in the market and they will be asking for the original Fidget Cube which is by Anstey Labs. Don’t get caught out telling your customers that the fake is actually the original.

News on the Fidget Cube – original by Anstey Labs.

All Brands Toys will be receiving first delivery end May - but we are trying to bring stock forward working on all avenues to get stock here earlier– but with the HUGE demand on the original by Anstey Labs production is at capacity. 
Please pre-order your stock now as the first shipment is just about sold out. You can also pre-order the Fidget Spinners arriving at the same time. 


ZURU will be spending a lot of money on TV which they are trying to bring forward to the middle of the year. 
We appreciate everyone’s support in helping us protect the IP of the Fidget Cube by Anstey Labs.

If you have any questions please ring us anytime on 07 32887 1000 or our customer care email customercare@allbrandstoys.com